Best Casual Dining Restaurants in Puglia, Apulia

Osteria Di Chichibio

$$ Largo Gelso, 6, 70044, Polignano A Mare
Italian Casual Dining
The Osteria di Chichibio, born in March 2000, is an elegant restaurant where you can enjoy fish specialties, food at km 0 and of the highest quality. It's near the statue of the famous Domenico Modugno. The cuisine is based on fresh local fish and top-quality products at 0 km. Taste, tradition, and authenticity since 2001.

Ristorante Da Tuccino

$$ Via S. Caterina, 69/F, 70044, Polignano A Mare
Italian Casual Dining
Seafood restaurant in Polignano a Mare, Bari. Since 1968 Da Tuccino has been a point of reference in Puglia. A long history of passion for the sea, for food of the highest quality, and for wines, of which there is a wide choice, among more than a thousand labels.

Ristorante Il Bastione

$$$$ Via Conversano 1-1/A, 70044, Polignano A Mare
Italian Casual Dining
Il Bastione Restaurant is located in Polignano a Mare, near Bari. The elegant atmosphere, gourmet fish dishes, and fantastic indoor rooms and terraces will frame your moments in the romantic restaurant. From the terraces overlooking the sea to the internal lounge with sea view windows to our terrace of desires, a romantic location for an intimate and suggestive dinner, your special occasions will have an unforgettable charm and will satisfy your every desire.


$$ Via Morgantini 2, 70014, Conversano
Italian Casual Dining
Territoriality and curiosity move the cuisine of Pashà, a restaurant in the heart of Conversano, Bari. Each dish tells the story of a place, of a flicker. Chef Antonio Zaccardi plays, between innovation and tradition, passion and ambition, on a journey in which the twists and turns represent an absurd constant. The style of Pashà doesn't disappoint its origins: it's refined and refined, but it knows how to remain faithful to the flavors of the local gastronomic tradition.


$$ Piazza F. Miani Perotti, 14, 70044, Polignano A Mare
Italian Casual Dining
At our table, there is never a need: for tradition, quality, passion for our work, and we want to see you come back! The Archibugio restaurant is located in Polignano a Mare a few steps from the seafront.

Leo's Braci D'Autore

$$ Via Parco Del Lauro, 56/60, 70044, Polignano A Mare
Italian Casual Dining
Restaurant / Braceria a few steps from the sea of ​​Polignano. Selected and selected meats that you can taste in Leonardo Borracci's grill. A reference point for all lovers of good home cooking and grilled meat with its local meats, directly slaughtered, beef, sheep, pork, white, house specialties. Cuisine with a clear Mediterranean imprint, attentive to the seasonality of the products and the quality of the raw materials.

Mint Cucina Fresca

$$$$ Via S. Benedetto, 32, 70044, Polignano A Mare
Italian Casual Dining Premium Casual
Mint Cucina Fresca, set in the picturesque town of Polignano a Mare, Italy, is a culinary gem that champions the ethos of fresh, wholesome, and innovative Italian cuisine. This charming restaurant is a beacon for food enthusiasts seeking a unique and healthy dining experience. With a focus on utilizing the freshest seasonal ingredients, Mint Cucina Fresca presents a vibrant and nourishing menu, offering a contemporary twist on traditional Italian dishes. The philosophy of Mint Cucina Fresca revolves around the concept of 'cucina fresca' or 'fresh kitchen', which is reflected in every aspect of its offerings. The restaurant prides itself on sourcing the highest quality local produce, meats, and seafood, ensuring that each dish is delicious and supports sustainable and ethical farming and fishing practices. This commitment to quality and freshness is palpable in the taste and presentation of the cuisine, making each meal a testament to the rich bounty of the Italian countryside and seas. Mint Cucina Fresca's ambience mirrors Polignano a Mare's essence: quaint, inviting, and inherently Italian. The décor is minimalist yet warm, creating a stylish and comfortable atmosphere. Diners can choose to sit indoors, where the open kitchen provides a glimpse of the culinary magic at work, or outdoors, where they can dine under the stars, surrounded by the gentle sea breeze and the soft murmur of the town.

Masseria Paretano Restaurant

$$$$ SP1, Contrada Paretano, 284, 70043, Monopoli
Italian Casual Dining
Masseria Paretanoby Ronn Moss is located in the Canale di Pirro valley just a few minutes from Alberobello and not far from Monopoli. The kitchen offers typical dishes of the Apulian tradition, in a garden with a breathtaking view.

La Torretta Del Pescatore

$$$$ Via Procaccia, 191, 70043, Monopoli
Italian Casual Dining
La Torretta Del Pescatore is located in Monopoli. Refined cuisine, quality raw materials, selected wines, elegant and intimate setting, hospitality and courtesy. The search for high-quality raw materials with a profound Mediterranean inspiration characterizes our menu. The rich fish counter, fresh every day, the fine wine list, and the confidential and comfortable environment make our restaurant the ideal place for lovers of good food.

Gaia Osteria Popolare

$$ Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 68, 70043, Monopoli
Italian Casual Dining
Gaia Osteria Popolare is located in the historic center of Monopoli. Gaia is a pub for everyone. Ready to invert keeping the origins of traditional cuisine, giving life to new colors and shapes to taste. With the typical traditional Apulian cuisine it keeps alive the traditions of its land but with a little bit of innovation.

My Wine - Il Piacere Del Palato

$$$ Via Cavaliere, 9, 70043, Monopoli
Italian Casual Dining
My Wine: is located in Monopoli (Bari, Puglia), where you can eat well according to the season from fish and meat dishes to the best local products of Apulian cuisine and international specialties. All were selected with great care and prepared with innovative cooking methods such as low temperature. With a wine list in which wineries and prestigious national and transalpine wines alternate with new realities of value on the local and international wine scene. An intimate, romantic, elegant, and at the same time welcoming environment.

XO Next

$$$ Municipio, 6, 70056, Molfetta
Italian Casual Dining
XO Next is located in Molfetta not far from the old Cathedral. Fish-based cuisine in a comfortable location.

Ristorante EVO

$$$$ Via Giovanni XXIII, 1, 70011, Alberobello
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Premium Casual
Evo is directly linked to the territory, having in the name the acronym of one of the symbolic products of Puglia, extra virgin olive oil, (produced for decades by the Matarrese family). It recalls the idea of ​​Evoluzione and the desire to fuse the ancient charm of peasant flavors with the most modern and refined tastes. Everything starts from the study of the best raw materials that the territory can offer making use of the local artisans who, daily, carry out exemplary work for us. Evo is in Alberobello, the world capital of the Trulli where the stone regains vitality and arouses sensations of brightness, family warmth, hospitality, and energy. From here a kitchen is born, which draws inspiration from tradition, the true value of our territory, for a phase of experimentation, play, study, and attention to detail. Evo is organic with its vegetable garden and the choice of only Apulian wines, coming from local micro-productions, far from large-scale distribution.

Il Guercio Di Puglia

$$$ Via Imbriani, 6, 70011, Alberobello
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Pizzeria
Il Guercio di Puglia is a wonderful pizzeria located among the Trulli of the charming Alberobello, located in the heart of the Itria Valley, surrounded by the beauties of the Apulian land. This restaurant boasts a location in full ancient style, with stone walls and a breathtaking view of the beautiful town. The products used by Guercio Di Puglia are only of the highest quality, tested, and selected by our chefs and pizza makers, who create and invent behind-the-scenes for the palates of our diners. The menu is vast and ranges from the Apulian tradition, from pasta to fried fish, passing through appetizers based on land and sea, to conclude with a vast menu of pizzas, to leave you breathless.

Pizzeria "Basilico Rosso"

$$$ Via 7 Liberatori Della Selva, 11, 70011, Alberobello
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
The combination of ingredients, the charm of the Trulli, the flavor of salads and appetizers, and homemade desserts: everything contributes, from Red Basil to creating a unique experience capable of enhancing the taste of our gourmet pizzas. Our pizzeria is located between the splendid ancient walls of the city of Alberobello, surrounded by the Trulli and the ancient white alleys that surround the city. Basilico Rosso represents the excellence of pizza, the taste of the gourmet, the excellence of the products, and the discovery of new flavors that meet and mix to create a five-star culinary experience.

Hostaria De Don Juan

$$$ Via Sallustio, 15, 70043, Monopoli
Spanish European Mediterranean Casual Dining Ethnic Family Style
The Hostaria de Don Juan represents a milestone in the heart of the wonderful Monopoli. Just a few steps away, as you enter the city's historic centre, you will find the Hostaria in a white open space in the city walls. The Iberian culture blends with the Apulian tradition in a place where cuisine and tradition are the masters. At Don Juan, you will find the best dishes of the Spanish tradition, including tapas at the beginning of the meal, followed by many types of paella, a selection of fine meats, and above all, the Rubia Gallega, one of the most renowned meats in the Iberian country, and many other delicacies arrived directly from Spain. A suggestive location, in full Spanish style, with paintings and tents that highlight the country's history; moreover, in the spring and summer seasons, you will find an open space where you can eat within the walls of the old houses in the historic centre of Monopoli.

Ristorante Il Punto Cardinale | Trattoria Al Borgo

$$ Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 39, 70043, Monopoli
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
Nestled in the heart of Monopoli, Ristorante Il Punto Cardinale | Trattoria al Borgo stands as a celebration of traditional Apulian culinary arts, representing a magnetic blend of authenticity and sophistication. Its unique name suggests a confluence of orientations, possibly a nod to both the classic and the contemporary, the local and the global. Guests stepping into this establishment can likely expect a symphony of flavours, textures, and aromas true to the soul of Puglia. Some potential highlights from the menu might include Cavatelli alle Cozze: Freshly-made cavatelli pasta tossed with mussels, cherry tomatoes, and white wine. Involtini di Carne: Delicate meat rolls filled with local cheeses, breadcrumbs, and herbs, slow-cooked to perfection—Pesce Spada alla Griglia: Grilled swordfish steak, perhaps served with a refreshing citrus and caper sauce. Upon entering Ristorante Il Punto Cardinale | Trattoria al Borgo, diners might be greeted with a harmonious blend of rustic charm and refined elegance. Exposed brick walls could complement modern art pieces, while vintage wooden tables could be adorned with sleek, contemporary tableware.

Garibaldi Steakhouse

$$$ Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 70, 70043, Monopoli
Italian American Casual Dining Family Style
Garibaldi Steakhouse, situated in the picturesque town of Monopoli, offers a unique dining experience that bridges the gap between traditional Italian flavours and the robustness of a classic steakhouse. Named after the iconic Italian national hero, Giuseppe Garibaldi, the restaurant pays homage to the unity of varied culinary traditions, much like Garibaldi's efforts to unify Italy. Garibaldi Steakhouse is, at its heart, a celebration of meat, particularly beef. Visitors to the restaurant might expect: Florentine Steak (Bistecca alla Fiorentina): A T-bone steak sourced from local farms, grilled to perfection over an open flame and seasoned simply with salt, pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil. Tagliata: Sliced steak served on a bed of fresh arugula, topped with shaved Parmesan and possibly a balsamic glaze. Braciole: Rolled meat filled with cheese, breadcrumbs, and herbs, slow-cooked in a rich tomato sauce. The atmosphere at Garibaldi Steakhouse might fuse the rustic charm of Monopoli's historic buildings with sophisticated modern touches. Original stone walls could be juxtaposed with contemporary artwork, while wooden beams and sleek lighting fixtures coexist harmoniously.

Il Pescato

$$ Via Atropo, 23, 70044, Polignano A Mare
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
Perched on the rugged cliffs of Polignano a Mare, overlooking the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, Il Pescato - Dispensa di Mare offers patrons a mesmerizing dining experience. With its unrivalled ocean views and commitment to fresh, local seafood, this restaurant embodies the spirit and flavours of the Puglian coastline. The heart and soul of Il Pescato lie in its selection of marine delights: Ocean-to-Table Philosophy: As the name "The Catch - Seafood Pantry" suggests, the establishment takes pride in serving seafood caught on the same day, ensuring optimal freshness. Antipasti: Choices include raw Adriatic shrimp with a drizzle of local olive oil or marinated anchovies to start the gastronomic journey. Seafood Pasta: Dishes like linguine with rock lobster or spaghetti with sea urchin evoke the flavours of the sea and are delicacies not to be missed—clifftop Views: One of the biggest draws of Il Pescato in Polignano a Mare is its location. Diners might be treated to panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea, with waves crashing against limestone cliffs. An outdoor terrace or balcony seating would enhance this experience. Rustic Elegance: Interiors with exposed stone walls, wooden beams, and nautical-themed decor create a cosy, rustic ambience. Splashes of blue in the set might remind patrons of the sea just beyond the walls.

Osteria Piga

$$$ Via Don Lorenzo Milani, 21, 70044, Polignano A Mare
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Premium Casual
Osteria PiGa, in the heart of Polignano, opens its doors to navigators of good taste. Every day the scent of the sea inspires the chefs to create the dishes to offer without renouncing tradition. A familiar and rustic atmosphere, Osteria PiGa was born from the passion of Pietro and Gaetano for creative catering that enhances the territory. The classic Apulian tuffs are the backdrop to a cuisine where quality, tradition and taste create a single element of conjunction to offer delicacies of all kinds between refined creativity and Apulian culinary tradition, dedicated to good food and good drink. We love our job, the kitchen and the people who want to eat and drink well. We put our hearts into it; only in this way will what we serve have the flavour we want and be excellent. We love the quality and continuous search for the best products that identify us with the territory to offer you only the best of Puglia! Our philosophy comes from research into the kitchen to express local culture and its balance. The life and history of Puglia inspire the cuisine, the choice of wines and the welcome. Our kitchen uses regional products in the preparation of dishes that are inspired by tradition while renewing it. For this reason, the wine list favours local wines that can best enhance the flavours of our words.
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