Best Restaurants in Gallipoli

Osteria Sant’Angelo

$$$$ Via De Pace Antonio, 3, 73041, Gallipoli
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining
A magical, intimate, romantic place that instils peace and serenity. At the Osteria Sant'Angelo, you will feel at home. In addition to a very welcoming location with a romantic air, perfect for a dinner for two, the tavern offers a menu full of appetizers; there is no shortage of seafood first and second courses. The proposed cuisine is traditional, but the unmistakable touch of the chef makes everything more suggestive, giving creativity, giving art to his dishes and giving a great sense of satisfaction to his guests, who are always satisfied and enraptured. The fresh and daily catch guarantees an absolute, first-rate quality of the products.

La Corte | Palazzo Grumesi

$$ Riviera Nazario Sauro, 57, 73014, Gallipoli
Italian Premium Casual Pizzeria
Nestled in the evocative setting of the city of Gallipoli, within the elegant walls of Palazzo Grumesi, Il Pettolino Gallipoli awaits you to offer you an experience of excellent cuisine and tradition based on pizza. The emerging star of the Italian gastronomic scene, Executive Chef Vito Gaballo specializes in the art of pizza by Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi. Modern and tied to traditions. Innovative and always attentive to the flavours of the Salento land. This is how the pizza chef Vito offers on the tables of diners can be defined. The Pettolino Gallipoli stands out for the boundless quality of its dough, the quality tradition, the gourmet pizza and the freshness of the raw materials. Quality always comes first.

Ristorante Marechiaro

$$$$ Lungomare Marconi, 73014, Gallipoli
Italian Fine dining
The Marechiaro restaurant specializes in fish dishes from the Mediterranean Sea, which are both cooked and raw. Its position is unique: a rock in the middle of the sea. You can choose directly from the counter in the dining room and request the cooking you prefer. Arrived fresh in the kitchen, the fish is prepared by the skilled hands of the talented chef, who uniquely combines colours and scents: each course is beautiful and delicious, even for the most refined palates. Excellent seafood first courses, fabulous linguine with sea urchins. Delicious seconds. The raw ones are entrancing. We also have a proposal dedicated to celiac customers.


$$ Piazza Della Repubblica, 73014, Gallipoli
Italian Casual Dining Family Style
In the heart of Gallipoli rises Mamangi, a genuine orecchiette shop, as Puglia teaches. In the name of the orecchiette, a native Apulian pasta format, this charming, bright and welcoming restaurant is the perfect place to let yourself be carried away by the love for fresh homemade pasta. Condiments of all kinds, from the classics to the most revisited, at Mamangi tradition reign supreme, sure it can guarantee a unique gastronomic journey in the beating heart of Salento.

Flora - Fusion Experience

$$$ Via S. Sebastiano, 8, 73014, Gallipoli
Italian Asian South American Casual Dining Cocktail Bar
Flora – Fusion Experience is a poke restaurant in Gallipoli that comes from a modern gastronomic concept: the contamination of different types of catering. The focus is the use of local ingredients and raw materials ranging from fish to fruit in an innovative way and through a different gastronomic culture, the Hawaiian one. Molecular cuisine is used for the garnishes, thus giving elegance and modernity to the various dishes. Flora is a place able to offer a mixology and champagne service. A space capable of hosting multiple live musical selections and will offer cocktails in a warm, comfortable environment with a strong reference to the landscapes of Caribbean flora.


$$ Viale Giovanni Bovio, 14/16, 73014, Gallipoli
American International European Casual Dining Fast Casual Family Style Pizzeria
Brasserie is a 360-degree food experience featuring homemade burgers with artisan buns and delicious combinations, superfood porn appetizers, super-stuffed sandwiches and a steakhouse ready to delight you with every type of cut. Last but not least, the homemade pizzas are from the most classic to those with super enjoyable combinations. A wide selection of international craft beers accompanies all. Brasserie today is considered a pub without schemes, a place without limits where the friendship and history of a family have become the story of a local generation.

Trattoria Portolano

$$ Riviera Cristoforo Colombo, 69/71, 73014, Gallipoli
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
Il Portolano, a restaurant in Gallipoli where seafood specialities are the reason for the cuisine, focused on the exclusive use of high-quality products; the fresh fish is scrupulously selected from the fishermen's nets that arrive at the small port every day. The Trattoria Portolano restaurant was born from the desire to express that innate passion for the gastronomy culture of Gallipoli that has always accompanied us, a faithful relationship to the ancient recipes handed down in the kitchens of our homes. In a land of fishermen and farmers, of the sea and olive trees, in Salento, the recipes are masterpieces of taste and simplicity: from the encounter of poor ingredients, the wonderful exaltation of flavours is born. The Portolano restaurant is where diners are invited to spend moments of cheerful conviviality, such as a lunch with friends, a family celebration or a candlelit dinner.

I Portici

$ Corso Roma, 13/N, 73014, Gallipoli
Italian Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
I PORTICI Beerstrot Italiano was born from the desire to create a meeting place in the heart of Gallipoli where you can eat well and drink with gusto, a space where the pursuit of quality, innovation and imagination come together to give life to unique products. The mission is to unite people and diversity around the best outcome: pizza. Pizzas and pinsa with organic doughs are light, easily digestible, and have original toppings that respect seasonality. Hamburgers made with selected meats and homemade bun bread. Craft beers, carefully chosen wines and signature cocktails mixed with art and imagination. In a context with a welcoming and familiar atmosphere within everyone's reach. Here it is possible to have a delicious aperitif, an excellent dinner or even spend after-dinner drinks with friends.

Osteria Palazzo Granafei

$$$ Via Antonietta De Pace, 85, 73014, Gallipoli
Italian Casual Dining Premium Casual
Osteria Casa Noscia tells the uncontaminated story of Salento and Puglia cuisine through the love and passion with which each dish is created. The rediscovery of sought-after raw materials such as spelt, barley, burnt wheat, black chickpeas, ancient grains and spontaneous vegetables evoke lost flavours and are cooked with the same methods and procedures as in the past. The constant search to rediscover foods and dishes of the past and the genuineness of our foods at "Metro" Zero will lead you on a journey to discover the scents and flavours of Salento. And this is how the oldest traditional recipes, such as ciceri e tria, broad beans and chicory, potato panzerotti and homemade orecchiette, return to our table in an atmosphere suspended between the scent of the sea and the charm of the land. The Osteria Casa Noscia is located in the heart of the historic centre of Gallipoli inside Palazzo Granafei.

Al Pescatore

$$$$ Riviera Cristoforo Colombo, 39, 73014, Gallipoli
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
Just a stone's throw from the new area, you can discover the authenticity of the Al Pescatore restaurant with seafood specialities based on the best fresh fish. The hosts are Luciano Corciulo and his wife, Mina Stefanì, who know how to conquer the hearts of their guests with kindness, professionalism and attention to detail. “We work with quality and for quality,” they say. The entire menu was born from the inventiveness of Luciano, a whimsical and self-taught chef, a great connoisseur of the marine world, which he studies and respects. On the table, always and only the catch of the day declined in tasty variations, given that the chef faithfully follows the seasonality of the fish caught to protect the natural cyclical nature of the sea. Delicate dishes, exclusive flavours and refined combinations. These are just some of the qualities of chef Luciano Corciulo and his staff.

Yellow Scapece

$$$ Riviera Armando Diaz, 131, 73014, Gallipoli
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining
The name of the restaurant is inspired by the yellow of the lampante oil and the scapes, two typically Gallipoli peculiarities that the co-owner, Roberto Podo, wanted to enhance with his Yellow Scapece. The restaurant is located on the first floor of a building facing the sea, above the historic Martinucci ice cream parlour and pastry shop, and from its large windows, you can admire both the sea and the Angevin castle. The menu plays a lot with flavour combinations and seasonality. Among the appetizers, therefore, we can find the cod in squid ink tempura served with a rocket cream, the Ionian squid fried in semolina flour and accompanied by Acquaviva red onion jam or the anchovy millefeuille with chicory and buffalo mozzarella crispy in the oven.

Ristorante Il Bastione - Terrazza Sul Mare

$$$$ Riviera Nazario Sauro, 28, 73014, Gallipoli
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Bulwark on the Ionian Sea, the Il Bastione restaurant stands sentinel over infinity. A timeless place, it opens up to the visitor as a glimmer of the millennial history of the city of Gallipoli, thanks to a skilful recovery of medieval architecture. The golden stone, the colour of the sun, opens up to large and welcoming rooms, embraced by a large window, a natural fresco in which there is no dividing line between sky and sea. On the table are the highest gastronomic delicacies, dominated by the flavours of the sea and the culinary tradition of a land rich in history and culture.

Scafùd Mare

$ Via C. Muzio, 23, 73014, Gallipoli
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining
An explosion of taste is enclosed in refined sandwiches, tartare, fries and much more. A fish bar to be discovered in the heart of Gallipoli. A few steps from the sea, at Scafùd, you will find what the ocean gives to this glorious land, savouring the freshness of the Mediterranean and the unmistakable taste of its fruits. Crudo, tartare and much more to fully enjoy the joy of food.

Il Pettolino

$$$ Riviera Nazario Sauro, 57, 73014, Gallipoli
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
Set in the evocative setting of the city of Gallipoli, within the elegant walls of Palazzo Grumesi, Il Pettolino Gallipoli awaits you to offer you an experience of great cuisine and tradition. The emerging star of the Italian gastronomic scene, Executive Chef Vito Gaballo specializes in the haute cuisine of Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi. Since 2018 at the helm of the Il Pettolino Gallipoli restaurant, he invents and perfects unique multisensory experiences every day. Modern and tied to traditions. Innovative cuisine is always attentive to the flavours of the Salento area. Il Pettolino Gallipoli stands out for its quality traditional dishes, gourmet cuisine and the freshness of the raw materials. Quality always comes first.

YOU - Cibo E Piacere

$$$$ Via Petrelli, 15, 73014, Gallipoli
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
At You - Food and Pleasure, you will find what best represents the concept of modernity and evolution. A few steps from the historic centre of Gallipoli, You evolve, grow, study and move forward with the times, building a concept that enhances its qualities and tends to distinguish it from the others. It is a menu that mainly sees fish at the centre of everything but also broadens its horizons to other elements, especially land. Seafood appetizers and more lead the way to a truly varied menu, which leaves no room for the undecided. The hand of the chef is evident; a touch is enough to revolutionize a flavour or a spice.

Pentola Degli Gnomi

$$$ Via Gian Giacomo Russo, 18, 73014, Gallipoli
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
La Pentola degli Gnomi is a tavern in Gallipoli, a rustic place with a popular menu, where you can eat while feeling at home. The staff wants to immerse their customers in the various flavours of Salento, born from the meat and fish dishes meeting. Starting from this definition, it was decided to create and define a new image that could explain the true concept of Osteria. All this through the recipes of the chefs, the warm and welcoming environment and the people who animate it and live it every day. A popular and dynamic menu, a gastronomic journey to rediscover the authenticity of the flavours of the past, embellished with a contemporary touch and faithful to reality like the Apulian one. What remains constant in the proposal is the respect for the seasonality of the raw materials and the link with the territory.

Marea Cucina Marinara

$$ Via XXIV Maggio, 11, 73014, Gallipoli
Italian Family Style
Marea is a restaurant placed in the lovely streets of the historic center of Gallipoli, a stone's throw from the Cathedral of Sant'Agata Vergine e Madre. Jump into our seafood cuisine, tasting the best local dishes of the Apulian tradition, revisited in a modern key.

AMU Fish Restaurant & Store

$$$$ Riviera Armando Diaz, 9, 73014, Gallipoli
Italian Fine dining Elegant & Chic
A beautiful terrace overlooking the sea, a romantic, magical place where you can enjoy the beauty of the landscape and good food at the same time. We find the Amu Fish Restaurant near the coast in the city of Gallipoli. A truly enchanting place, where the landscape and this huge blue expanse give customers a truly unforgettable experience. A seafood cuisine, fresh fish, excellent raw materials, and the skilful hands of the chef offer a cuisine that is traditional but also modern, creative, and elusive, which leaves room for the imagination. Appetizers, first courses, second courses and much more, at Amu, we rediscover true love for good food.

Trattoria La Puritate

$$$$ Via Sant'Elia, 18, 73014, Gallipoli
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining
In one of the oldest villages of the ancient city, near the Puritate church, one of the most loved restaurants in Gallipoli has always been a place devoted to fish. The very fresh raw material is the master, prepared with a light and expert hand, capable of enhancing the flavours of the sea. The menu, by voice, changes according to the offer of the day. As soon as you take a seat on the elegant glazed veranda, the large roundup of raw and cooked appetizers of proven freshness will begin: from the extraordinary raw prawns to stuffed mussels, cooked and marinated bonito, from raw tuna (exceptional for its flavour) to sliced octopus to rice with almonds and radishes (less exciting). We continue with tagliolini with lemon, rocket and prawns, a straightforward but delicate dish, as well as pasta with bonito and cherry tomatoes. Among the second courses, you will find prawns in salt and wind: a preparation that is once again simple but capable of enhancing the superb raw material.

La Locanda Degli Angioini

$$$ Riviera Armando Diaz, 119, 73014, Gallipoli
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining
A ridosso del mare, sullo splendido sfondo della città di Gallipoli, troviamo La Locanda degli Angioini. Un ristorante con vista mozzafiato sul mare, che da l'impressione di mangiarci sopra, dando ai turisti e ai clienti l'impressione di cenare tra le acque del mar Ionio. Un ristorante che propone cucina pugliese tradizionale, contando nel menu numerose pietanze a base di pesce, grazie al continuo scarico di materie prime. Antipasti a base di mare, primi e secondi di mare, ma non solo, c'è scelta anche per chi non gusta una cucina marinara, proponendo anche i classici, facendo tutti contenti.
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