Best Elegant & Chic Restaurants in Puglia, Apulia

Ristorante La Vinaigrette

$$$ Riviera Armando Diaz, 75, 73014, Gallipoli
Italian Fine dining Elegant & Chic
In the La Vinaigrette restaurant, it is possible to taste the authentic flavour of the sea in an elegant and welcoming environment that discovers the waters of the Ionian. The restaurant, the result of profound experience, offers local specialities and products, which welcome the Salento gastronomic culture and the Italian tradition, with particular attention to fish specialities and the selection of the sea's best catch. Extreme care is taken in the choice of ingredients and food always to provide fresh and seasonal products and delicious seafood specialities such as raw seafood, red prawn carpaccio, scampi and seafood, tuna tartare, etc.

Ristorante Lido Bianco

$$$$ Via Procaccia, 4, 70043, Monopoli
Italian Elegant & Chic
Since 1947 the history of our family is linked to that of Lidobianco Restaurant. Together we have spent a long journey of life and professional growth that has become over the years a relationship of absolute identity with one of the most beautiful Apulian locals on the sea, now part of the history of our town: Monopoli! Unforgettable events in a unique and sophisticated location. Our modern indoor dining room and its outdoor garden facing the sea will be the perfect background for any of your events. Birthday party, anniversary, bachelorette and bachelor party, business dinner and any kind of private event.

Attico Rooftop 225

$$$$ Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 225, 72017, Ostuni
Italian European Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
The majestic panoramic terrace of the Hotel Monte Sarago, an elegant location a few steps from the historic center of Ostuni, hosts Attico Rooftop 225 - Restaurant, Lounge Bar, and Pizza Gourmet. Fine dishes of the Apulian cuisine, revisited in a contemporary mode.

La Bella Trani - Rooftop Restaurant

$$$$ Vialetto Baia Del Pescatore, 76125, Trani
Italian Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
La Bella Trani Rooftop Restaurant is a modern, elegant and intimate location, ideal for appreciating the sea view at its best during a romantic dinner.

L'Ostrica Ubriaca Seafood Bar & Terrazza

$$ Via Taranto, 2, 73100, Lecce
Italian Elegant & Chic
The Ostrica Ubriaca has been a safe place for those who want to taste all the "good" of the sea for 9 years in Lecce and throughout Salento. Here you will find: • Fresh fish • Seafood purified directly at our fish market; • The careful takeaway gastronomy; • Our popular restaurant and the brand new SeaFood, a different and practical format for enjoying fish The Seafood Bar & Terrazza Restaurant in Viale Taranto 2, represents a new way to taste fish in a modern, practical and affordable format in a suggestive location in the heart of Lecce.

Mine & Yours Rooftop

$$$$ Via 47 Reggimento Fanteria, 28, 73100, Lecce
International Elegant & Chic
Perched on the top floor, the “Rooftop”, equipped with a wellness bar, is the ideal place to spend moments of relaxation in absolute privacy and peace in fine weather. An intimate and sophisticated lounge where the metropolitan design is flanked by natural elements like the water of the hydro-massage pool and the flowers of the green wall.

Negroamaro Restaurant

$$$$ Viale Del Risorgimento, 73100, Lecce
Italian Elegant & Chic
In our restaurant, strengthened by the carefully selected natural materials and the creativity of our young chefs, we experiment with new gastronomic techniques related to the traditions of Salento flavors. The menus vary periodically according to the freshness and seasonality of the ingredients to offer you the sun, the sea of Salento and all our passion in each dish. The restaurant is located on the outskirts of Lecce and offers an elegant and elegant location, ideal for a dinner with friends or a romantic one.



$$$$ Via G. Garibaldi, 73100, Lecce
Italian Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
Duo restaurant is located in the heart of the historic center of Lecce, a few steps from Piazza Mazzini and Piazza Sant'Oronzo. The concept of the cuisine of roots is told through the history of the places, natural materials, and typical products of a Salento rich in colors and flavors. The story of land is represented by the dishes of Duo Ristorante. In Duo's dishes, the expression of refined cuisine. An innovative process aspired at creating an extrasensory experience, which takes the taster into a dimension in which taste is the protagonist.

Osteria Degli Spiriti

$$$$ Via Cesare Battisti, 4, 73100, Lecce
Italian Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
A typical restaurant in the heart of Lecce, the Osteria degli Spiriti has now become a fixed stop for lovers of good food and the most sophisticated gourmets. A restaurant with a pleasant, warm, romantic, and welcoming atmosphere, near the historic city center. At the Osteria degli Spiriti you will find the best Salento and Apulian specialties. Tiziana and Piero, the owners of the restaurant, use high-quality raw materials for their cuisine, coming exclusively from local producers of proven trust and reliability. Let yourself be amazed by a cuisine linked to the territory in which tradition blends, renewing itself, in modernity.

I Latini

$$$ Via Giuseppe Palmieri, 46, 73100, Lecce
Italian European Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
The I Latini restaurant has always been located in one of the most famous and suggestive streets of the historic center of Lecce. Since we opened the doors of what was then a brewery in 1999, the time has worked with us to create a place that would offer people the familiarity, aromas, and tastes that they feel in their homes. Ours is a restaurant that focuses on the quality of raw materials and the enhancement of traditional cuisine, Salento, and Italian in general. Bring revisited features, which become original paintings on our table. We select the best natural materials to always guarantee quality dishes. Appetizers, first and second courses, side plates, and aperitifs: the menu of I Latini is designed for an enveloping adventure appropriate for all tastes.

Marea Seaside Experience

$$$$ Via Lenio Flacco, 32, 72100, Brindisi
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
The MAREA restaurant welcomes its guests in a remarkable location in the heart of the port of Brindisi within a modern and refined atmosphere. With views that extend between the Castello di Terra and the passage to the open sea, our cuisine will accompany you through a culinary experience that ranges from the scents of the sea to the flavors of the earth. The bar area of Marea Seaside Experience is a space where you can have breakfast with freshly baked pastries and brioches and end the day with the tasting of carefully selected spirits. For the more enterprising palates, our bartenders are available with a well-stocked menu of traditional and non-traditional cocktails.

Osteria Del Tempo Perso

$$$$ Via Gaetano Tanzarella Vitale, 47, 72017, Ostuni
Italian Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
The Osteria del Tempo Perso is one of the most famous restaurants in Ostuni. The historic restaurant is located in the heart of the historic center of Ostuni, this awesome town in Puglia also known throughout the world as the White City. This attribute is due to the particular coloring of the houses which are annually painted with lime. Born in 1983, the restaurant consists of two truly unique atmospheres. Eating lunch or dinner in the Osteria del Tempo Perso is equivalent to tasting the superb flavors of the sublime typical Apulian and Ostuni cuisine, in an atmosphere of foremost charm.

Restaurant 700

$$$$ Largo Michele Ayroldi Carissimo, 14, 72017, Ostuni
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Open 7/7, Restaurant 700 offers a confidential gastronomic adventure with a refined touch and impeccable service. With this culinary promise, the old olive mill becomes a convivial table and together with the avant-garde cuisine creates a modern background steeped in history. Beyond the patio, the swimming pool and the largest private garden in Ostuni with its orange grove find their home: here you can have breakfast or dinner on the hottest nights of summer. Our local producers and farmers "sit" at our table, where respect for the seasons and the variety of natural materials are essential. For Giacomo and his team, it is a taste that always has to excel over technique and composition. This is the only recipe for them to give unforgettable moments of satisfaction.

Ostuni Palace Bistrot

$$$$ Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 218, 72017, Ostuni
Italian International Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Our kitchen stands out for its first-choice ingredients, researched and selected by our Chef to give you a moment of pleasure to taste and remember. Each plate highlights the taste of the local tradition which is made up of a few simple steps. The interiors of the Ostuni Palace Bistrot have been designed and cared for in every detail in order to recreate a welcoming and jovial atmosphere. The large white stone vaults bring out the magnificence of the spaces. Every detail is in tune with the refinement of the bistro, a place where past and present merge and creates an extraordinary balance.

Osteria Piazzetta Cattedrale

$$$$ Largo Arcid Teodoro Trinchera, 7, 72017, Ostuni
Italian Mediterranean Elegant & Chic Bistrot
The Osteria Piazzetta Cathedral of Ostuni is located precisely in front of the Romanesque Cathedral of the fourteenth century and is obtained in a wing of the antique castle of Ostuni, destroyed, which later became a convent. Piazzetta Cattedrale was initially an old basement. Today, inside these small rooms with cross vaults and marble floors, there is the embrace of an elegant atmosphere and the comfort of quality, simple and modern cuisine. The fireplace, the antique mirrors, the amphorae and the vases that protect the corners of the room, the ceramic pine cones, and the fine wines in plain sight: the Piazzetta Cathedral restaurant in Ostuni is comfortable, in the right measure that does not create awe and that prepares the soul to forget the hectic life.

Dish Restaurant

$$$$ Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 37, 72017, Ostuni
Italian International Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
Dish is the place of good food, it is the realm of simple but tasty cuisine that combines an informal atmosphere with refined and quality cuisine. The use of simple raw materials, the mixture of fresh and first-choice ingredients, allows you to have a refined culinary experience and new feelings. The beating heart of every restaurant is represented by the kitchen and the Dish it occupies the most important place, it is placed in the middle of the room. The laboratory in which the chef performs is like the stage of a theater that overlooks the audience, creating a unique bond with the customers who have the privilege of being able to witness the preparation of the dishes up close.

Trattoria La Roccia

$$$ Via Roma, 2, 72013, Ceglie Messapica
Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
Trattoria La Roccia is a splendid restaurant located in the historic center of Ceglie Messapica, the food and wine capital known everywhere for the quality of its raw materials and for the countless offers that this rich territory offers. The Trattoria is located near the center and is an extremely welcoming and elegant place. A noir atmosphere that leaves you breathless. The entire restaurant is made from stone excavations, which makes it quite suggestive, accompanying a candlelit dinner in the most romantic of ways. The Trattoria offers a vast cuisine, ranging from first to second courses, relegating to them the flavors of the Apulian land with excellent quality raw materials chosen personally by the chef, and highlighting the quality of the aesthetics of his refined dishes. A culinary experience to leave you breathless.

Antimo, Ristorante E Casina Terramora

$$$$ Via Turco Camarda, 14, 72013, Ceglie Messapica
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Casina Terramora is an old rustic house set in an area of ​​4 hectares, with a hundred secular olive trees, almond trees, figs, a forest of fragni and downy oaks, original stone walkways, blackberry bushes, mastic trees, and pomegranates. This fertile country farm is located a short distance from the town of Ceglie Messapica, in the Alto Salento, in the land of Brindisi. The city of Ceglie, an ancient Messapi settlement (5th century BC) rich in charm and history, holds an intact historic center to be rediscovered. Proud of its gastronomy, it offers the chance to taste the typical cuisine in the trattorias and restaurants of the historic center or in the districts of the neighboring countryside. Antimo is a "cook", looking for a special home to welcome its guests and offer good Mediterranean products with renewed creativity and passion. Antimo makes its innovative "genius" available in the kitchen for the creation of amazing and original recipes for editorial projects.


$$$$ Via Chianche Di Scarano, 7, 72013, Ceglie Messapica
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Ceglie is one of the oldest cities in Puglia. Kailia was his name for the Messapi and Caelium for the Romans. The remains of the surrounding walls and the 100 steps («li ciènd scalùn») from which the acropolis was accessed are still visible. The Cibus restaurant is located in the alleys of the historic center, in an ancient 15th-century convent. The stone rooms, with lime-painted arches, host the reign of Lillino Silibello, a sincere and kind person, with a deep culture of food and food and wine traditions of his land. Since 1994, the year it opened, the kitchen has been entrusted to Giovanna, her daughter Filomena and Angela Nigro; Lillino and his wife Angela Amico take care of the room and of the thousands of other tasks that Cibus involves. More than a restaurant, Cibus is a place of knowledge. Every single recipe is the result of continuous research on the possibilities of matching among the countless, exceptional products that the territory offers. Lillino has the surprising ability to make all his guests feel involved in a joyful sensory and spiritual experience that is born at his table; the passion with which he transmits information on the ingredients, the animosity with which he discusses the gastronomic trends of the moment, the pleased and attentive smile with which he listens to the comments and the astonished reactions of his guests; all this, like the great cuisine, makes Cibus an unforgettable experience.

Fè Ristorante

$$$$ Via Giulio Pastore, 2, 70015, Noci
Italian Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Il Fè, an elegant gourmet restaurant, is set within a charming complex of finely restored Trulli, nestled in a corner of a small and characteristic Apulian town: Noci. The structure is made up of different environments, accommodates no more than 20 guests, and the rooms with attention to every detail, give an incomparable charm and are not comparable with other contexts. The sober and refined style refers to an intimate and refined atmosphere made of crystal glasses and soft light.
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