Best Restaurants in Ostuni

Operaprima - Ristorante Pizzeria

$$$ Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 48, 72017, Ostuni
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Pizzeria
Operaprima Ristorante Pizzeria, located in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II in Ostuni, Province of Brindisi, is a splendid place with a breathtaking view of the Apulian coast between the marina of Ostuni, Villanova, and Torre Santa Sabina, the marina of Carovigno. The cuisine of excellent quality and the specialties of meat and fish are the protagonists of excellent cuisine. The passion and love that the owner, Giuseppe de Giovanni, has for local products have been able to transform itself into a complete catering project qualified of satisfying any customer need. From appetizers and menus of meat and fish up to the excellent pizzas, the powerful point of the restaurant, we will be able to guarantee you unique flavors characterized by simplicity and freshness. Our restaurant is known in Ostuni and not only for its meat and fish dishes, carefully revisited by our Chef. In addition to the wide selection of appetizers and first courses, in fact, you can enjoy special second courses cooked using local fish and certified fresh meats. The wish to fully satisfy the needs of customers has led us to maintain a high level of quality in the preparation of our pizzas. Thanks to the presence of the owner, an expert pizza maker, and to the quality of the ingredients used, Operaprima Ristorante Pizzeria guarantees an extensive menu of pizzas with an unforgettable flavor.

Cielo Restaurant

$$$$ Vico Pergola, 9, 72017, Ostuni
Italian European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Relais La Sommità 5-star Hotel in Ostuni, will gladden your stay with refined menus in harmony with the seasonal peculiarities in our elegant Cielo Restaurant. It is a perfect balance between new and old, in an unreal atmosphere, told as if it were a centenary fairy tale set in the rocks that characterize the building. The Chef, Roberto Monopoli, offers sensory journeys between tradition and experimentation through dishes that play with shapes and colours, using local excellence and preciousness worldwide. A taste experience to be enjoyed surrounded by the stone vaults of the restaurant or outside, among the olive and orange trees of the Spanish garden. Our dishes are accompanied by a wise choice of Apulian and Italian wines, and in the summer, dinner is served in the ancient Spanish garden, where orange and olive trees frame this splendid picture. A staircase carved into the stone guides us towards three ancient cisterns used in the past for oil collection, today dedicated to wine tasting: the precious Cellar. From the restaurant of the Relais La Sommità, on the highest point of Ostuni, you have a suggestive view of the alleys and the dazzling lime of the city walls that frame pictures of a clear sky. The suspended atmosphere of the restaurant is one of sober elegance; even the background music can become a pleasant moment of personal silence. During the summer, the citrus scent of the Spanish Garden makes the Aperitifs of Relais La Sommità unforgettable at sunset.

Masseria Il Frantoio

$$$$ Strada Statale 16, Km 874, 72017, Ostuni
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
Among millenary olive trees and splendid landscapes near Ostuni stands Masseria il Frantoio, one of the oldest farms in Puglia (dating back to the 1500s), now restored and become a charming residence: Sixteen elegant and comfortable rooms and a 0 km organic cuisine to live an unforgettable and timeless experience. Between different aromas and flavours, as the year's seasons are different, Apulian cuisine is proposed as a very light dance between land and sea. Between the white stones and a consistently mild climate, today as yesterday, her food is an absolute pleasure and a beauty cure. A detailed work took us years to reveal the tricks of the ancient dishes that the women prepared for their husbands when they returned from the hard work days in the fields. The recipes are updated according to the creative taste of the cooks of the Il Frantoio restaurant, but guarantee that link with tradition that amazes and satisfies. The dishes are prepared every day with the organic products of the farm: the fruits for the jams are obtained from the seventeenth-century citrus grove; with durum wheat, in addition to the famous Apulian bread, many pasta shapes are prepared by hand; along the country paths, among the centuries-old olive trees and dry-stone walls, asparagus, lampascioni, pumpkins, butcher's broom sprouts, artichokes, legumes and chicory grow; aromatic herbs from the garden created behind the dining room.

Ristorante Il Fienile Ostuni

$$$ Contrada Rosara, 7, 72017, Ostuni
Italian European Mediterranean Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
IL FIENILE, a restaurant and wine bar, awaits you just outside the walls of the splendid White City. The place takes its name from what it was, an old barn. The ancient stone structure has been recently renovated, creating an elegant but, at the same time, very welcoming environment where the passion for tradition blends with modern creativity. The landlord, Mr Enrico, maintains the typicality of the dishes in compliance with the seasonality of the products and the daily nature of their purchase, preferring the organic nature. We find appetizers from the barn, such as cod carpaccio with pepper smoked with apple wood, puff pastry basket with escarole, black olives and pine nuts. Delicious first courses include calamari with clams and courgette flowers, burnt wheat with tomato sauce with aubergines, stracciatella cheese and basil. Delicious grilled local meats and the delicious catch of the day followed him. Smells and flavours are enhanced by the fine wines from Puglia and Campania, selected with extreme skill by the owner. Finally, Enrico pampers his customers with ricotta, pear desserts, and other delicious specialities to delight our palates.

Ristorante Masseria Refrigerio

$$$$ Marina Di Ostuni SS 379 Km 23 Uscita Costa Merlata, 72017, Ostuni
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Dating back to around the 16th century, the Masseria Refrigerio of Ostuni, in the province of Brindisi, was born as a refreshment point for pilgrims travelling along the Via Francigena. In the past, a post station along the ancient Via Traiana, today the Masseria, has been renovated, in full respect of the original characteristics, its essence and the very particular architecture. It continues its restaurant history with new management and idea of cuisine, accompanying you on an unmissable journey into taste to discover the most authentic and genuine flavours of the culinary tradition typical of the Murge area. In addition to the fascinating location with an external courtyard and large garden, Masseria Refrigerio in Ostuni offers a refined and delicious cuisine that will exceed your expectations and those of your guests. The Masseria Refrigerio restaurant offers both à la carte service and banqueting service for events, with many typical local specialities reworked with a pinch of innovation and served with originality and elegance.

Il Posto Affianco

$$$ Via Gaetano Tanzarella Vitale, 34, 72017, Ostuni
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual Pizzeria
Tucked away in the mesmerizing labyrinth of Ostuni's white alleys, Il Posto Affianco is a gem waiting to be discovered. This intimate eatery exudes a sense of authenticity that captures the spirit of Ostuni and offers visitors a genuine taste of local Puglian cuisine. Il Posto Affianco prides itself on serving traditional dishes that are true to the region's flavours. The menu is a testament to the richness of Puglian gastronomy. It might feature Orecchiette con Cime di Rapa: The iconic ear-shaped pasta served with turnip tops, anchovies, and a hint of chilli, showcasing the rustic simplicity of the region's dishes. Fritto di Mare: A delightful mix of freshly caught seafood, lightly battered and fried to crispy perfection. Burrata e Pomodorini: Creamy burrata cheese served with sun-kissed cherry tomatoes and drizzled with locally-produced olive oil. Il Posto Affianco, true to its name, offers a cosy, side-alley ambience. The decor might echo the rustic charm of Ostuni's historic architecture, with whitewashed walls adorned with vintage photographs or paintings that tell tales of Ostuni's past.

La Braceria - I Piaceri Della Carne

$$ Via Verona, 12, 72017, Ostuni
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
Nestled within the iconic whitewashed walls of Ostuni, La Braceria: I piaceri della carne (The Grill: The Pleasures of Meat) is a haven for meat lovers. The restaurant melds Ostuni's historical charm seamlessly with traditional Italian bacteria's rustic allure, delivering a culinary experience that resonates with both the heart and the palate. As the name suggests, La Braceria is a tribute to the rich, savoury world of grilled meats. The menu at La Braceria likely showcases the finest cuts, expertly seasoned and grilled to perfection. Some potential signature dishes include: Fiorentina Steak: A thick T-bone steak seasoned simply with sea salt and olive oil, then examined to achieve a succulent interior and charred exterior. Costolette d'Agnello: Tender lamb ribs marinated in a mixture of herbs and spices before being seared on the grill. The ambience at La Braceria: I piaceri della carne is reminiscent of a traditional Italian tavern. Rustic wooden beams might crisscross the ceiling, and aged brick or stone could line the walls, creating a warm and cosy setting. The aroma of grilled meats would be pervasive, promising a feast for the senses even before the food arrives.

Trattoria Fave E Fogghje

$$$ Corso Cavour, Vico Antonio Fratti, 25b, 72017, Ostuni
Italian Casual Dining Family Style
Trattoria Fave e Fogghje in Ostuni captures the essence of Apulian cuisine in a picturesque setting, celebrating the age-old culinary traditions of Italy. Ostuni, often called "The White City" due to its stunning white stone buildings, is the perfect backdrop for a restaurant that harkens back to the authentic culinary traditions of the region. The food at Trattoria Fave e Fogghje is a true testament to the flavours of Puglia. The name itself, which translates to "Beans and Leaves," indicates a fondness for simple, home-cooked meals prepared with locally-sourced ingredients. Some standout dishes could include Fave e Cicoria: A creamy blend of fava beans with sautéed bitter greens. This dish is a regional classic and a must-try for visitors. Orecchiette con Broccoli Rabe: The iconic ear-shaped pasta of Puglia, served with slightly bitter broccoli rabe, garlic, and chilli. The ambience at Trattoria Fave e Fogghje is a harmonious blend of rustic and refined. Given Ostuni's reputation as "The White City," the interior might showcase whitewashed walls adorned with vintage Italian artwork or photographs. The rustic wooden tables, possibly draped with classic checkered tablecloths, would add to the authenticity.

Trattoria Sapere & Sapori

$$$ Vico Cantore Incalzi, N.10, 72017, Ostuni
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining
Located in the heart of the historic centre of Ostuni, a stone's throw from the co-cathedral dedicated to Santa Maria Assunzione, the idea of the SAPERE & SAPORI restaurant was born, surrounded by the luminosity of the strictly white lime and the peculiarities of the alleys, from which the "City white". Immersed, while you enjoy a moment of pause, in total relaxation, our staff will take care of you, trying to satisfy your every request. The concept of "tradition and innovation" well represents the leitmotif of the menu expressed by our chef and all his staff. The processing of high-quality and fresh raw materials travels daily from their respective places of origin to the restaurant kitchen. Each dish's care, attention and research are the masters in our kitchen so as not to disappoint any palate. From the kitchen to the tasting of our wines, we put quality first. We have in our cellar the best selections of exclusively Apulian labels, further accentuating the concept of native products from wines, sparkling wines, young whites, and structured rosés up to reds aged in barriques; they rest in a mahogany structure surrounded by a natural split stone environment dating back to the fifteenth century, a perfect combination to preserve the longevity of these bottles.

Osteria Madre

$$$$ Piazza Della Libertà, 47/48, 72017, Ostuni
Italian Premium Casual
The Osteria Madre is located in the main square of the historic center of Ostuni. The restaurant boasts a large outdoor area where you can enjoy the scenic and cultural beauties that the Apulian town offers. There are many seats outside and as many inside. The restaurant has an elegant and refined location that gives a cramped touch to the interiors. The menu ranges from appetizers with a Mediterranean flavor to pasta dishes with accompaniments revisited in a modern key, to second courses of sea and land that delight even the most difficult of palates. "We want you to taste the sea and the land in a completely new vision. The highest tradition of embers as a cooking technique."

Attico Rooftop 225

$$$$ Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 225, 72017, Ostuni
Italian European Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
The majestic panoramic terrace of the Hotel Monte Sarago, an elegant location a few steps from the historic center of Ostuni, hosts Attico Rooftop 225 - Restaurant, Lounge Bar, and Pizza Gourmet. Fine dishes of the Apulian cuisine, revisited in a contemporary mode.

Ramunno Bistrot

$$$$ Via Giovanni Lanza, 9, 72017, Ostuni
Italian Premium Casual Pizzeria Bistrot
Located in the heart of the historic center of Ostuni, Ramunno Bistrot is born, a restaurant mainly of fish, attentive to raw materials and good drinking. It brings along the “Scrocchiarella”, a typical pizza in the shovel with a particular high-hydration dough. It is a place where hospitality and refinement make the customer live a wonderful culinary experience. Our "Ramunno Bistrot" is a perfect place to enjoy moments of peace in fact the charm of the historic center of Ostuni combined with the style of a typical and elegant restaurant. It is the ideal setting for romantic dates, romantic dinners, business meetings, or a simple relaxing evening with mates.

Dish Restaurant

$$$$ Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 37, 72017, Ostuni
Italian International Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
Dish is the place of good food, it is the realm of simple but tasty cuisine that combines an informal atmosphere with refined and quality cuisine. The use of simple raw materials, the mixture of fresh and first-choice ingredients, allows you to have a refined culinary experience and new feelings. The beating heart of every restaurant is represented by the kitchen and the Dish it occupies the most important place, it is placed in the middle of the room. The laboratory in which the chef performs is like the stage of a theater that overlooks the audience, creating a unique bond with the customers who have the privilege of being able to witness the preparation of the dishes up close.

Osteria La Sparacima

$$$ Via Indipendenza, 20, 72017, Ostuni
Italian Mediterranean Family Style
The Osteria La Sparacima is located in a square in the historic center of the magnificent Ostuni, surrounded by the beautiful landscapes that the small Apulian village offers. The restaurant offers its customers the most classic traditional Apulian dishes, from evocative orecchiette with turnip greens to fried fresh fish. The restaurant is welcoming and familiar. "When Eating Well becomes a way of life. We have been paying homage to Our Territory for years, with Typical Cuisine, Typical Foods, and a pinch of Fantasy."

Osteria Piazzetta Cattedrale

$$$$ Largo Arcid Teodoro Trinchera, 7, 72017, Ostuni
Italian Mediterranean Elegant & Chic Bistrot
The Osteria Piazzetta Cathedral of Ostuni is located precisely in front of the Romanesque Cathedral of the fourteenth century and is obtained in a wing of the antique castle of Ostuni, destroyed, which later became a convent. Piazzetta Cattedrale was initially an old basement. Today, inside these small rooms with cross vaults and marble floors, there is the embrace of an elegant atmosphere and the comfort of quality, simple and modern cuisine. The fireplace, the antique mirrors, the amphorae and the vases that protect the corners of the room, the ceramic pine cones, and the fine wines in plain sight: the Piazzetta Cathedral restaurant in Ostuni is comfortable, in the right measure that does not create awe and that prepares the soul to forget the hectic life.

Ostuni Palace Bistrot

$$$$ Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 218, 72017, Ostuni
Italian International Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Our kitchen stands out for its first-choice ingredients, researched and selected by our Chef to give you a moment of pleasure to taste and remember. Each plate highlights the taste of the local tradition which is made up of a few simple steps. The interiors of the Ostuni Palace Bistrot have been designed and cared for in every detail in order to recreate a welcoming and jovial atmosphere. The large white stone vaults bring out the magnificence of the spaces. Every detail is in tune with the refinement of the bistro, a place where past and present merge and creates an extraordinary balance.

Restaurant 700

$$$$ Largo Michele Ayroldi Carissimo, 14, 72017, Ostuni
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Open 7/7, Restaurant 700 offers a confidential gastronomic adventure with a refined touch and impeccable service. With this culinary promise, the old olive mill becomes a convivial table and together with the avant-garde cuisine creates a modern background steeped in history. Beyond the patio, the swimming pool and the largest private garden in Ostuni with its orange grove find their home: here you can have breakfast or dinner on the hottest nights of summer. Our local producers and farmers "sit" at our table, where respect for the seasons and the variety of natural materials are essential. For Giacomo and his team, it is a taste that always has to excel over technique and composition. This is the only recipe for them to give unforgettable moments of satisfaction.

Ristorante Casa San Giacomo

$$$$ Via Nino Bixico, 4, 72017, Ostuni
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining
The Casa San Giacomo Restaurant is located among the beautiful streets of the white city of Ostuni, an unmistakable tourist destination. Casa San Giacomo represents one of the many excellences of the Apulian land and ranks among the best restaurants in the town. A welcoming place, reminiscent of the old houses of the past, with simple and essential furnishings, to accompany a cuisine that is equally simple and genuine, as the oldest of the Apulian traditions recommends. Traditional cuisine. We pass on Nonna Rosetta's recipes, enhancing local products and proposing them to customers in the best possible way, with a mix of originality and tradition.

Osteria Del Tempo Perso

$$$$ Via Gaetano Tanzarella Vitale, 47, 72017, Ostuni
Italian Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
The Osteria del Tempo Perso is one of the most famous restaurants in Ostuni. The historic restaurant is located in the heart of the historic center of Ostuni, this awesome town in Puglia also known throughout the world as the White City. This attribute is due to the particular coloring of the houses which are annually painted with lime. Born in 1983, the restaurant consists of two truly unique atmospheres. Eating lunch or dinner in the Osteria del Tempo Perso is equivalent to tasting the superb flavors of the sublime typical Apulian and Ostuni cuisine, in an atmosphere of foremost charm.

Ristorante Taverna Della Gelosia

$$$ Vicolo Tommaso Andriola, 26, 72017, Ostuni
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Bistrot
The Taverna Della Gelosia was born in the alleys of the historic center of Ostuni, where there was nothing but white, the stone, and the doors of the houses. It was born because that hidden place seems the perfect place for a garden, many tables, and happy clients. The good lessons of the time remain etched in the walls and plates. The Taverna Della Gelosia restaurant in Ostuni is Puglia which meets the originality of a chef and the gastronomic knowledge of an entire brigade. It is the same tradition, seen with different eyes. It is as if something sacred is happening. Proceed through the little streets of Ostuni and reach a corner, as concealed as it is precious, a place where peace, quiet and good food paint a picture that can be remembered.
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