Best Mediterranean Restaurants in Puglia, Apulia

Pescheria Con Cottura

$$ Via Dei Mocenigo, 23, 73100, Lecce
Mediterranean Fast Casual
The sea in the beautiful background of Piazza Sant'Oronzo, in the heart of the city of Lecce, the Pescheria con Cottura restaurant welcomes you with the style and taste of Salento. Respecting the Salento gastronomic tradition, the menu is full of vegetable dishes for vegetarians and vegans. You can enjoy some of the most famous dishes from the cuisines of the world. So, next to a tasty fried fish or laganari with mussels you can try ceviche, ahi poke or Moroccan tajine.

La Bocca Bistrot

$$ Via Dei Perroni, 2, 73100, Lecce
Mediterranean Casual Dining
In the heart of the Lecce baroque, immediately under the charm of the ancient Porta San Biagio, the bistro La Bocca wants to be a place of carefree and conviviality, where you can enjoy Mediterranean and contemporary cuisine that aims to combine tradition and creativity by enhancing the quality and freshness of the raw materials that are renewed seasonally. All immersed in an intimate and relaxed environment and the feeling, which most of all we are committed to transmitting, of feeling at home.

Santa Monaca

$$$ Piazza De Amicis, 13, 73014, Gallipoli
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
Santa Monaca is a charming and renowned restaurant located in the splendid setting of Salento, in Gallipoli in Piazza De Amicis in the historic centre. A place that knows how to pamper its guests as best it can with gastronomic preparations that know how to be appreciated for their taste and freshness. At the Santa Monica restaurant, you will be welcomed by an extremely courteous and helpful staff who will be able to satisfy your every need, not only in gastronomy. Wanting to propose a cuisine with typical features of the Salento lands and at the same time provide customers with an interesting reinterpretation, you will be able to find a varied menu which, however, is centred on the use of typical local products and ingredients. To ensure full compliance with the zero km policy, a constant collaboration is carried out with some local suppliers who provide daily extremely fresh raw materials thanks to which to obtain truly unique dishes.

Lievita 72 Neapolitan Pizza

$$ Via Lecce, 85, 73014, Gallipoli
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
In the beating heart of Gallipoli, among pubs, discos and meeting points, we find one of the most important and well-known pizzerias in the Salento village, namely Lievita 72. A historic pizzeria in the centre, which offers a terrific Neapolitan pizza. Leavened for 72 hours, pizza dough is made from 75% water, making the dough incredibly fluffy and soft, and so light too. They come from a good part of Puglia to eat a pizza and enjoy the beauties that the splendid Gallipoli can offer.

Terrazze Monachile

$$$$ Via Lama Monachile, 11, 70044, Polignano A Mare
Italian European Mediterranean Fine dining
This place you’re experiencing is much more than a restaurant in Polignano a Mare with a breathtaking view. It’s the culmination of a friendship and a love story. Imagine breathing the scent of the sea and looking out onto a wonderful terrace, set in one of the most evocative and suggestive places in Polignano. An exclusive and unconventional location where good food and a dream panorama blend perfectly.

Attico Rooftop 225

$$$$ Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 225, 72017, Ostuni
Italian European Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
The majestic panoramic terrace of the Hotel Monte Sarago, an elegant location a few steps from the historic center of Ostuni, hosts Attico Rooftop 225 - Restaurant, Lounge Bar, and Pizza Gourmet. Fine dishes of the Apulian cuisine, revisited in a contemporary mode.

La Bella Trani - Rooftop Restaurant

$$$$ Vialetto Baia Del Pescatore, 76125, Trani
Italian Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
La Bella Trani Rooftop Restaurant is a modern, elegant and intimate location, ideal for appreciating the sea view at its best during a romantic dinner.

Il Vico Del Gusto • Ristorante

$$$ Vico Dei Fieschi, 14, 73100, Lecce
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining
A stone's throw from the magnetic Basilica of Santa Croce in Lecce, you will find the unmistakable flavors of the typical Salento cuisine of the Il Vico del Gusto restaurant. The culinary traditions of the area meet technique and innovation and generate creative and original dishes. Our main goal has always been to bring to the table the genuineness of our local flavors, which is why we are committed every day to selecting the best products of land and sea with the highest respect for the territory, seasonality, and availability. Surrounded by magnificent Baroque-style buildings, near the municipal villa in Lecce, the Il Vico del Gusto restaurant welcomes you in ancient rooms characterized by vaulted ceilings and guides you on a real sensory journey to discover the Salento of its beauties and its products.



$$$$ Via G. Garibaldi, 73100, Lecce
Italian Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
Duo restaurant is located in the heart of the historic center of Lecce, a few steps from Piazza Mazzini and Piazza Sant'Oronzo. The concept of the cuisine of roots is told through the history of the places, natural materials, and typical products of a Salento rich in colors and flavors. The story of land is represented by the dishes of Duo Ristorante. In Duo's dishes, the expression of refined cuisine. An innovative process aspired at creating an extrasensory experience, which takes the taster into a dimension in which taste is the protagonist.

Osteria Degli Spiriti

$$$$ Via Cesare Battisti, 4, 73100, Lecce
Italian Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
A typical restaurant in the heart of Lecce, the Osteria degli Spiriti has now become a fixed stop for lovers of good food and the most sophisticated gourmets. A restaurant with a pleasant, warm, romantic, and welcoming atmosphere, near the historic city center. At the Osteria degli Spiriti you will find the best Salento and Apulian specialties. Tiziana and Piero, the owners of the restaurant, use high-quality raw materials for their cuisine, coming exclusively from local producers of proven trust and reliability. Let yourself be amazed by a cuisine linked to the territory in which tradition blends, renewing itself, in modernity.

Vico Del Cuciniere

$$$$ Vicolo Mondo Nuovo, 2/4, 73100, Lecce
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining
Il Vico del Cuciniere is located near the historic center, a few steps from Piazza Mazzini, near the beautiful Basilica of Santa Croce. The restaurant offers typical Italian, Mediterranean, and contemporary cuisine, with a rich menu based on first and second courses of sea and land. The atmosphere of the Vico del Cuciniere is warm and welcoming, with a refined interior ambiance.

A'Roma L'Osteria

$$$ Via Cesare Battisti, 3, 73100, Lecce
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining
All our plates are prepared with the highest quality natural materials from our beloved land. Our preparations respect the seasonality of the products and some dishes are prepared and served only on certain days of the week to always guarantee the freshness of the raw material. Coda alla Vaccinara, Pajata, Tripe, and various other courses are prepared with slow cooking methods, as per tradition, exclusively in clay pots and pans. Bringing True Roman Cuisine to Lecce for us means making known the Heart, the flavors, the colors, the heart, and the Aroma of our City.

Tabisca "il Vico Dei Tagliati"

$$$$ Vico Dietro Lo Spedale Dei Pellegrini 29 In Un Vicolo Presso Piazzetta Santa Chiara, 73100, Lecce
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining
Tabisca was born from an idea that slowly became a vision: creating a magic place where eating and drinking represent a remarkable experience, in the heart of a beautiful city. A continuous and selective search of our Ian, a man of great culinary experience, with a unique talent and a sincere and reliable Sicilian soul. A small square that looks like a small living room can be reached via an alley from Piazza Santa Chiara. A hidden and welcoming refuge, sheltered from the enthusiasm of a city that is always on, but close to its beating heart. A natural terrace set in the heart of the Lecce Baroque.

I Latini

$$$ Via Giuseppe Palmieri, 46, 73100, Lecce
Italian European Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
The I Latini restaurant has always been located in one of the most famous and suggestive streets of the historic center of Lecce. Since we opened the doors of what was then a brewery in 1999, the time has worked with us to create a place that would offer people the familiarity, aromas, and tastes that they feel in their homes. Ours is a restaurant that focuses on the quality of raw materials and the enhancement of traditional cuisine, Salento, and Italian in general. Bring revisited features, which become original paintings on our table. We select the best natural materials to always guarantee quality dishes. Appetizers, first and second courses, side plates, and aperitifs: the menu of I Latini is designed for an enveloping adventure appropriate for all tastes.

Il Rifugio Della Buona Stella

$$ Via Leonardo Prato, 28/30, 73100, Lecce
Italian Mediterranean Family Style
The grandmothers of Salento, those of the past, were women capable of working miracles in front of the stove with the sole power of love and the choice of the most genuine raw materials. Setting up tables like a king, starting with a few spartan ingredients, became a mission that was always possible in their sturdy hands. This is how in 2009 the trattoria "Il Rifugio Della Buona Stella" was born, of the emotional bond for the family and for the good food that grandmother Stella had skillfully transformed into a family-run restaurant. Even more since a few years ago chef Maurizio, with his new management, gave the restaurant a second life, revisiting the best traditional plates with originality and skill.

Secca 48

$$$ Piazza Cairoli, 7, 72100, Brindisi
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining
The Secca 48 fish restaurant, whose name derives from the shoal of the Brindisi capital well known by fishermen, was born from the idea of enhancing the flavors of our land, giving the city all the experience and expertise I have acquired in the various realities in which I worked as a Chef, both national and international. The Secca48 Fish Restaurant is located in Piazza Cairoli 6, in the heart of the city of Brindisi, in the heart of the city. It can accommodate up to 50 seats in the internal room but the real strength is the square in front from where, during the summer, it is possible to admire one of the most beautiful fountains in the city of Brindisi while enjoying the exceptional plates of Chef Biagio di Giacomo.

Diecimiglia Hosteria Contemporanea

$$ Via Thaon De Revel Paolo, 5, 72100, Brindisi
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Bistrot
In the oldest district of Brindisi located on the breathtaking quay of the port, born in 2018 it represents the new idea of cuisine that marries the unique flavors of our land, revisited in a modern key. Diecimiglia Hosteria Contemporanea will host you in a young and welcoming atmosphere with a sea view. You can have an excellent lunch, dinner, or even an aperitif a stone's throw from the "schifarieddu" (ancient boats built by local fishermen). Our cuisine is qualified in first and second courses but also gourmet sandwiches all accompanied by delicate wines, craft beers, and tasty cocktails. We select for you the highest quality ingredients that make us special.

Marea Seaside Experience

$$$$ Via Lenio Flacco, 32, 72100, Brindisi
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
The MAREA restaurant welcomes its guests in a remarkable location in the heart of the port of Brindisi within a modern and refined atmosphere. With views that extend between the Castello di Terra and the passage to the open sea, our cuisine will accompany you through a culinary experience that ranges from the scents of the sea to the flavors of the earth. The bar area of Marea Seaside Experience is a space where you can have breakfast with freshly baked pastries and brioches and end the day with the tasting of carefully selected spirits. For the more enterprising palates, our bartenders are available with a well-stocked menu of traditional and non-traditional cocktails.

Ristorante Taverna Della Gelosia

$$$ Vicolo Tommaso Andriola, 26, 72017, Ostuni
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Bistrot
The Taverna Della Gelosia was born in the alleys of the historic center of Ostuni, where there was nothing but white, the stone, and the doors of the houses. It was born because that hidden place seems the perfect place for a garden, many tables, and happy clients. The good lessons of the time remain etched in the walls and plates. The Taverna Della Gelosia restaurant in Ostuni is Puglia which meets the originality of a chef and the gastronomic knowledge of an entire brigade. It is the same tradition, seen with different eyes. It is as if something sacred is happening. Proceed through the little streets of Ostuni and reach a corner, as concealed as it is precious, a place where peace, quiet and good food paint a picture that can be remembered.

Osteria Del Tempo Perso

$$$$ Via Gaetano Tanzarella Vitale, 47, 72017, Ostuni
Italian Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
The Osteria del Tempo Perso is one of the most famous restaurants in Ostuni. The historic restaurant is located in the heart of the historic center of Ostuni, this awesome town in Puglia also known throughout the world as the White City. This attribute is due to the particular coloring of the houses which are annually painted with lime. Born in 1983, the restaurant consists of two truly unique atmospheres. Eating lunch or dinner in the Osteria del Tempo Perso is equivalent to tasting the superb flavors of the sublime typical Apulian and Ostuni cuisine, in an atmosphere of foremost charm.
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