Ristorante Lido Vesta

About Us

Given that Vieste is a town on the Gargano peninsula by the Adriatic Sea, "Lido" in Italian generally refers to a beach or a beach resort. So, "Ristorante Lido Vesta" may very well be a beachside restaurant or one associated with a particular beach resort. Seafood Delicacies: Due to its proximity to the Adriatic Sea, the restaurant likely offers a variety of fresh seafood dishes – think dishes like Frutti di mare pasta, grilled whole fish, calamari, mussels, and other seafood antipasti. Traditional Italian Flavors: Expect a menu adorned with classic Italian favourites, from various pasta dishes to risottos, antipasti, and possibly even pizzas. Olive oil, garlic, fresh tomatoes, and local herbs would play a significant role in many dishes. Seaside Ambiance: Given the "Lido" in its name, the restaurant might offer seaside or near-seaside dining. This could mean stunning views of the Adriatic, especially if you visit during sunrise or sunset. Relaxed and Casual: Beachside or resort-based restaurants often have a more laid-back and relaxed atmosphere, making it perfect for families, couples, or individuals wanting a tranquil dining experience.
Cuisines Italian, Mediterranean
Restaurant Type Premium Casual
Cuisine Styles Seafood
Services Smoking Area, Disabled access, Beachfront, Outdoor Seating, Parking
Payment Options Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay

Map & Contacts

Address Lungomare Enrico Mattei
Foggia, 71019
Telephone (+39) 3500700693